Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

The following rules apply to sales on Holy-dharma-amulets.com

Rule 2 : Prices

All prices are in US Dollars.

If you order from another country than Thailand, you are the importer of the products you order.
Some taxes might apply to you and are your responsability, those taxes are to be paid by you.

You are also responsable to check beforehand about any importation restriction in your country before to place an order.
Holy-dharma-amulets.com will accept no responsability for a problem you created out of ignorance/contempt of your local regulations.

Holy-dharma-amulets.com reserve the right to change its prices at all time, but you will be billed according to the price indicated when order was placed.

Products are the property of Holy-dharma-amulets.com until they are fully paid.

Beware : as soon as products is delivered, if you break it, it is your responsability…

Rule 3 : Order

Any order placed on Holy-dharma-amulets.com suppose your acceptance of those conditions of use whitout reserve or exception.

Rule 4 : payment

To place an order imply that you have to pay its full price.

Payment is to be made by Paypal

Rule 5: order cancellation

After receiving your order, you may return the items within 14 days and get a refund, no question asked no penality

You just have to inform us by Email, then return the items complete and in good condition.
If you return an icomplete or broken item we will not issue a refund.

Return postage cost is your to pay.

We will then refund you via Paypal when receiving the items back

Rule 6 : Avalaibility

Our products are on offer as long as they are visible online & in stock

If an item turn out to be out of stock after you place an order, we will inform you by Email & issue a refund via Paypal
Holy-Dharma-amulets.com is not offering wholesale prices and cant provide very large quantity

Rule 7 : Delivery

Orders are shipped to the adress given on your paypal account, within 48 hours of payment

If there is any delay in shipping, you will be informed by Email.

Rule 8 : Waranty

If the item you receive is not what you ordered, or if it reach you damaged, you can return it and get a refund or exchange.

All claim must be done by Email within 30 days of reception of your order.

If we are responsable of the problem, we will refund the item & all shipping costs.

Rule 9 : Responsability

All the products we offer comply to Thaïland laws. Holy-Dharma-amulets.com is NOT responsable if you dont respect the laws of your own country
be it out of contemps or ignorance. It is up to you to check local laws prior to place an order.

We are also not responsable for any wrong/criminal use made of any item ordered on Holy-Dharma-amulets.com

Rule 10 : Legislation

Present condition of use are in english. They comply to Thailand laws. In case of problem, Thai tribunals will be the only one competents

Rule 11 : intelectual property

Every element of Holy-dharma-amulets.com website are our property and may no be copied & re-used, even partially

Rule 12 : Personnal data

Holy-dharma-amulets.com will collect informations about your name & adress, they are necessary to take care of your orders.

Those informations will never be shared or sold to anyone.

You may at all time close your account directly on our website.