Jiaogulan - immortals tea - Gynostemma pentaphyllum


Jiaogulan - immortals tea - Gynostemma pentaphyllum


Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) is a wild vine from asia also called the immortal's tea.

It is know and use in Chinese medecine since the time of the Ming dynasty, mentionned in a treaty about plants to help survive famine.

This plant can be found wild in China,Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia,India,Japan...

It is said that those who drink Jiaogulan regularly enjoy a longer lifespan,
this is why it is called Immortal's tea.

The Jiaogulan countain substances (saponines) similar to Ginseng,
it is sometime called the "Poor man ginseng"

It has a very nice flavor, similar to green tea mixed with liquorice and is naturally sweet (does not need to add sugar)

The virtues of Jiaogulan

1 : Adptogenic plant (help your body to face pollutions & bad conditions)
2 : Give energy
3 : Give mental clarity (help meditation practice)
4 : Relaxing effect, combat stress
5 : Reduce cholesterol, heart problems & glycemia
6 : Give a boost to immune system
7 : Detoxify the body

Bag of 100gr of natural Jioagulan.
Jiaogulan being a weed, it does not need any pesticide and is naturally resistant to insects & illness, so it is allway organic

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