Amulets from Thailand and Tibet.

In Thailand since many century has emerged what can be called the "amulets cult"
Local people wear and keep various sacred objects and expect from them a large variety of Magical effects, that they consider very real (this subject is NOT to be joked about with Thai people, unless you want to be considered an ignorant disrespectfull foreigner)

Une famous historical story tell that the very first envoy of the King of Thailand in France, under King Louis XIV, made a very convincing public demostration
of the invulnerability to bullets powers given by "certain amulets" to their soldiers.

Not only Buddhist, Hindu or Animist wear amulets in Thailand,
even local Christians do make and wear some.

There is a very vast pannel of powers that are credited to amulets, some can look very weird to a foreigner. Here is a short incomplete list of them :

- Protection from car accidents
- Protection from spells/ghosts (there are many different types of ghosts in Thailand)
- Protection from illness, improvement of health
- Protection from some toxic or dangerous substances (poison, acid, fire)
- Protection against firearms & blades
- Protection from ferocious animals/insects/venomous animals
- invisibility/capacity to walk silently

- Augmentation of physical strenght/being faster (for thai boxing fighters)
- Invulnerability to pain
- Becoming very charming, be it for sexual reasons/to be more convincing/to make animals dociles & friendly
- Improvement of libido & stamina
- Improvement of self confidence and willpower (also make your opponent confused & indolent)
- Improvement of meditative power (also help to obtain paranormal powers)
- Improvement of learning capacity
- Improvement of fertility (for women and farm/gardens)

- Luck with gambling
- General luck

The way things work, mostly one can consider that ONE AMULET = ONE POWER
But some powerfull amulets may have several powers together.
Still, it mean that each person who want to wear amulets has to think what is important to them, and wear the right combination of amulets.

In some case, amulets are also a reminder from a Master and are a way to receive his blessings and share his merits, they are then general protection and have no "special powers" (this do NOT mean that they are inferior, some of them may produce unusual and marvelous effects!)

One amulet will for sure not change your life in the blink of an eye by herself, but since many century and until today, a multitude of people can congratulate themself that they did choose to wear one and make a little Magic enter their universe.
It is true that Magic does not work all the time and cant be seen/quantified,
but it is also sure that it will never manifest for you if you dont invite it in your life.

Amulets from Thailand and Tibet.

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